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GDPR - privacy notice

We understand how important it is to keep your personal information safe and secure and we take this very seriously. We have taken steps to make sure your personal information is looked after in the best possible way and we review this regularly.

Please read this privacy notice carefully, as it contains important information about how we use the personal and healthcare information we collect on your behalf.

Privacy Notice Bridport Medical Centre

Privacy Notice - summary

Data Protection Register

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Sharing your medical information

The patient information leaflet explains:

  • Why the NHS collects information about you and how it is used
  • Who we may share information with
  • Your right to see your health records and how we keep the records confidential

Sharing your medical information


Data sharing through SystmOne

Following on from the information included in the 'sharing your medical information' leaflet above, here are some documents that may give you a better understanding of data sharing directly through SystmOne, which is the clinical recording system used here at Bridport Medical Centre. 

Dorset SystmOne Fair Processing Notice

Easy Read SystmOne Patient Data Sharing Leaflet

Please note that Dorset CCG publishes a list of health organisations that are classed as trusted and who we may share information with. In order to view this list please log onto the Dorset CCG website and search for 'trusted list'.



Summary care record

Your summary care record will contain important information about any medicines you are taking, allergies you suffer from and any bad reactions to medicines that you have had.

Giving healthcare staff access to this information can prevent mistakes being made when caring for you in an emergency or when your GP practice is closed.

Your summary care record will also include your name, address, date of birth and your unique NHS number to help identify you correctly.

You may want to add other details about your care to your summary care record. This will only happen if you ask for the information to be included. You should discuss your wishes with the healthcare staff treating you.

Click here to view a leaflet containing more information.

You can choose not to have a summary care record. You need to let your GP practice know by filling in and returning an opt-out form.

Click here to download an opt-out form.

For further information visit the NHS Care records website or the HSCIC Website


Online access to medical records

You are now able to view online your detailed coded medical record - this is not your full medical record.  You will need to sign up for online services and make an application to view your record.  This service is optional and there may be reasons why you would not wish to see this information online.

It is essential for any patient considering applying for online access to their medical record that they read our patient leaflet " Online Access to Medical Records.pdf"

We would like to highlight the following points:

  • You will need to apply for this online service in person and bring proof of identity and address - see below
  • Your very personal information will be displayed online; although you will have a secure login you should take measures to ensure that it is not made available to any unauthorised person or organisation. If you think you may be pressured into revealing details from your patient record to someone else against your will, (this is called coercion), it is best that you do not register for access at this time
  • The set up process for a patient to access their medical record online does involve quite a bit of work for the medical centre staff.  Particularly at the initial stages of offering this new service, we are unable to offer a timescale for when your record will become available to you - it could be 2 months.  Please bear with us

  • If you spot something in the record that is not about you or notice any other errors, please log out of the system immediately and contact the practice as soon as possible in writing. Please do not contact your GP who may not be immediately able to make the necessary amendment
  • Android and Apple apps are currently not configured to display medical records: SystmOnline are working to rectify this (May 2016)

How to apply for online access to your medical record

  • You will need to apply in person by visiting the medical centre and speaking to one of our reception staff.  This has to be a face-to-face meeting
  • You will need to bring proof of identity and of current address.  Acceptable documents can be - photo ID: passports or photo driving licence, bank statements but not bills
  • You will need to have read the leaflet "online access to medical records" and complete a registration form - these can be downloaded and printed from this page, see registration pack below, or obtain one from the medical centre

Registration pack

Online Access to Medical Records.pdf  You must read this leaflet before you proceed with your application

Online Access to Medical Records Registration Form

Online Access to Medical Records Proxy Access Registration form.pdf

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