You Cannot Choose

Friday 29th January was another great vaccination day with nearly 1,500 vaccinations given.

The only issue we faced was from some patients requesting a particular vaccine (usually AstraZeneca/“Oxford”).

We receive stock of both vaccines and may be vaccinating using either vaccine during any session. The clinicians check the suitability of the vaccine being offered as part of the consent process.

We cannot offer patients a choice as to which vaccine they will receive. Each manufacturer provides specific guidelines for storing and administering their vaccine. Mixing the vaccines given in a clinic introduces an unnecessary risk, slows down the vaccination process and would significantly reduce the number of doses we could give.

PLEASE do not request a specific vaccine, or indeed get angry with our staff, when the vaccine you are being offered is not your preferred choice. This only serves to cause confusion and delay in our incredibly busy clinic. Refusing a suitable vaccine also results in potential wastage and an appointment lost for someone still waiting to be invited.

The most important thing we can all do is to receive a vaccine. 

Published: Feb 1, 2021

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