updated at 06:13am on 02/04/2019

by David G Harris gave The Bridport Medical Centre 1 a rating of 5 stars

Blood Test andUltrasound results

Discussions on both topics were clear and informative and the resultant outcomes, an appointment for surgery and temporary additional medication were most satisfactory.
Furthermore, discussion on the subject of my recent bereavement was sympathetic, pragmatic, timely and greatly appreciated.

Visited in November 2018, Posted on 01 November 2018

by Katherine Conway gave The Bridport Medical Centre 1 a rating of 5 stars

Warm friendly and efficient

I was on holiday in Bridport. A second stye was developing in my right eye and it was painful. At home I was told I had to wait more than a week and then not be able to see my own GP. I walked into the Bridport Medical Centre, met a warm, friendly and sympathetic receptionist, who gave me an appointment to see a nurse practitioner later that afternoon. At just before the appointed time I arrived, logged in on the screen for my appointment, it said who I was seeing, what room and that there were two in front if me. Then my name appeared on a wall board and in I went. My NP was kind and efficient and I was out in a couple of minutes with the right prescription. Fantastic! So relieved. Thankyou Bridport Medical Centre.

Visited in July 2018, Posted on 16 July 2018